My featured guest for the 24th episode of Spirit and Roots was Cliff Eberhardt,one of America’s finest living songwriters, Cliff Eberhardt, whose songs have been covered by the likes of Richie Havens, Shawn Colvin and Buffy Sainte Marie.

We talked about his love for Tom Waits; what it was like to spend time with Bob Dylan and work with Richie Havens; and how he goes about writing a song

You can listen to the entire show and interview here:

Episode 24 Playlist

1/ JOHN PRINE – Please Don’t Bury Me – Sweet Revenge

2/ BILL WITHERS – I Hope She’ll Be Happier With Him – Live at Carnegie Hall

3/ GEOFF MULDAUR – Trouble Will Soon Be Over – Password

4/ AMOS LEE – Mountains of Sorrow – Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song

5/ CHRIS WOOD – One In A Million – The Lark Descending

6/ BILL MORRISSEY – 23rd Street – Something I Saw or Thought I Saw

7/ LEONARD COHEN – Night In Santiago – Thanks For The Dance

8/ EMILY BARKER – Over My Shoulder – Sweet Kind of Blue

9/ CLIFF EBERHARDT – The Long Road – The Long Road

10/ CLIFF EBERHARDT – That Kind Of Love – The Long Road

11/ TOM WAITS – Tom Traubert’s Blues – Small Change

12/ ADAM CARROLL – Sno Cone Man – Live at Flipnotics

13/ DUKE SPECIAL – Why Does Anybody Love – Live in Belfast

All artist links can be found in the YouTube and MixCloud footnotes.