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New dates to come 2015
Thanks to everyone who has sent messages recently enquiring about upcoming gigs. I'm taking some time out to refresh. I'll be back with new dates and music 2015, so look out for that when it comes!

My friend, director James Smith, has been working on a short film documentary following my music career with the band over the last 18 months. Work on that is almost finished - watch the great trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26EOoUhV2ss?ref=

And also the fantastic website, Can't Go Back, for more info and previews: http://jamesashleysmith.wix.com/cantgoback?ref=

As well as this website, there is also have an active Facebook page for Dan Raza and the Shrouds. If you click 'Like' it will keep you updated with all upcoming gigs and other relevant info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dan-Raza-and-the-Shrouds/292858954057563?ref=hl

Youtube channel started at:
I have a couple of new things to post here very soon.

Debut album, Dan Raza, was released March 12 2012 - distributed by Cargo Records.

For Sale Digitally Now at:
Anyone wanting to buy a physical DC copy, please get in touch via the website!

Hear tracks below...
No-one Shed a Tear  
Cool Dark Night  
On We Go  
Home, Again  
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