My featured guest on the fourth episode of Spirit and Roots was the Suffolk songbird, Hannah Scott. We had a Fathers Day theme on this show and, fittingly, here is a video of her playing her song, ‘My Dad and I’, for us in the studio.

We talked about the long-term influence of Counting Crows and how meeting long-time collaborator, Stefano Della Casa, indelibly transformed her approach to making music.

You can listen to the entire interview and show here:

Episode 4 Playlist

1/ DARRELL SCOTT – Thanksgiving 1985 / The Songs of Ben Bullington

2/ CHRIS WOOD – This Love Won’t Let You Fail / So Much To Defend

3/ HANNAH SCOTT – Walk A Wire / Single

4/ HANNAH SCOTT – My Dad And I / The Space Inbetween

5/ COUNTING CROWS – Sullivan Street / August and Everything After

6/ CHAIM TANNENBAUM – My Old Man / Chaim Tannenbaum

7/ PIERCE PETTIS – Your Father’s Son / Father’s Son

8/ LOUDON WAINWRIGHT – Men / So Damn Happy

All artist links can be found in the YouTube and MixCloud footnotes.