Our 17th episode of Spirit and Roots was a Christmas special.

We played a selection of songs to inspire, soothe and question the heart and mind over the festive season.


You can listen to the entire show and interview here:

Episode 17 Playlist

1/ IRIS DEMENT – Let The Mystery Be – Infamous Angel

2/ DAVID MALLETT – Nothin’ But A Long Goodbye – Parallel Lines

3/ REVEREND JAMES CLEVELAND AND THE Southern California COMMUNITY CHOIR – What Shall I Do? – Having Church

4/ RANDY NEWMAN – Harps and Angels – Harps and Angels

5/ ANAIS MITCHELL – Now You Know – XO

6/ GEORGE HARRISON – Rising Sun – Brainwashed

7/ BUTCH HANCOCK – Chase – You Coulda Walked Around The World

8/ BOB DYLAN – Every Grain Of Sand – Biograph

9/ JEFF BUCKLEY – Satisfied Mind – Sketches (For My Sweetheart The Drunk)

10/ VAN MORRISON – In The Garden – No Guru, No Method, No Teacher

11/ THE NICHOLS FAMILY – Walking In The Way With Jesus – Always Lift Him Up: A Tribute To Blind Alfred Reed

12/ DOUG MACLEOD – Dubb’s Talking Blues – There’s A Time

13/ THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION/CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS – Corale/Thoughts on Religion – Music from Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service

14/ PIERCE PETTIS – Instrument – Father’s Son

15/ GREG TROOPER – Everything’s A Miracle – Live At The Rock Room

16/ DOROTHY LOVE COATES – Strange Man – It Was Jesus

17/ DAVID OLNEY – Jerusalem Tomorrow – Deeper Well

18/ WILL GOSNER – Two If By Night, One If By Day – Unreleased

19/ GAVIN BRYARS FEAT. TOM WAITS – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

All artist links can be found in the YouTube and MixCloud footnotes.