My featured guest for the 18th episode of Spirit and Roots were the barn storming Thumping Tommys, who have been making great waves on the UK live roots music scene.

We discussed their wide range of musical influences; where they got the inspiration for their unusual band name; and how they go about writing songs.

You can listen to the entire show and interview here:

Episode 18 Playlist

Spirit and Roots episode #18 w/ The Thumping Tommys is now available for play back on MixCloud – just click the link below 🙌

1/ DAVE MOORE – Down To The River – Breaking Down To 3

2/ GEORGE STRAIT – Easy Come, Easy Go – Easy Come, Easy Go

3/ LEO “BUD” WELCH – I’ve Come To Praise His Name – Sabougla Voices

4/ THE THUMPING TOMMYS – I Wish There Were A Devil To Blame – The Thumping Tommys

5/ THE THUMPING TOMMYS – Wake Up – Unreleased

6/ DICK GAUGHAN – Erin Go Bragh – Handful Of Earth

7/ ADAM TORRES – High Lonesome – Pearls To Swine

8/ FAIRPORT CONVENTION – Farewell Farewell – Liege & Lief

9/ PAUL BRADY – Beautiful World – Spirits Colliding

All artist links can be found in the YouTube and MixCloud footnotes.